2 September 2013









Dear Councillor/Sir/Madam


You are invited to attend an ASHFIELD SENIORS ACTION COMMITTEE of Ashfield Council, to be held on Level 6, Civic Centre, 260 Liverpool Road, Ashfield on TUESDAY 10 SEPTEMBER 2013 at 10:00 AM.













Ashfield Seniors Action Committee - 10 September 2013




1.              Opening


2.              Acknowledgement of Local Aboriginal Community


3.              Apologies/Request for Leave of Absence


4.              Disclosures Of Interest


Disclosures to be made by any Councillors who have a pecuniary / non-pecuniary interest in respect of matters that are before the Committee at this meeting.



5.              Confirmation of Minutes of Committee


Ashfield Seniors Action Committee - 13/08/2013


6.               Briefing  – Council Grants Program

           By Christina O’Hagan, Social Outcomes Project Officer


7.              General Business

8.              Close