Ashfield Council


Ordinary Meeting




24 September 2013





Mayoral Minute


MM44/2013     ALGIE PARK. Morris Mansour - Mayor.




Ashfield Council – Report to Ordinary Meeting held on Tuesday 24 September 2013 MM44/2013







Summer and Spring evening soccer is a sport experiencing high growth in the Inner West. This form of sport is very social and community building and is played by men and women of all ages.  It is also a lucrative venture. 


All providers currently operate on a for-profit basis, some in conjunction with established clubs and some with the endorsement of Canterbury & District Soccer Football Association, Soccer NSW and the Football Federation of Australia.


Council is mindful that provision needs to be made for this sport but we must also make proper provision for our grounds and the residents who live in proximity as well as those residents who want to play the sport. Accordingly Council has set aside Centenary Park as the ground for Summer and Spring evening soccer in its Centenary Park 2011 Plan of Management (POM). Council is of the view that the only ground where Summer and Spring evening soccer is to be permitted is Centenary Park where the proceeds of hiring or leasing the Park can be used to maintain and improve it.


In relation to the tendering of Centenary Park for Summer and Spring evening soccer Council resolved on 13 December 2011 as follows:


1/6       That Council note the current operational position and work being undertaken to activate a Tendering Process including a project timeline.


2/6      That the contractual arrangement be for a period of three (3) years.


3/6       That the lease arrangement be for one night a week for five hours during Summer and four hours in Winter.


4/6       That Council staff be authorised to proceed to a tender process to establish a lease arrangement for the use of Centenary Park for a small sided soccer competition.


5/6       That the request for tender require tenderers to outline ways of running six a side soccer in ways that minimise the damage to the playing surface and works in with the other users of the park.


6/6       That surrounding residents and current park users be notified, before 20 January 2012, in writing, of Council’s intent to go to tender in keeping with the POM.





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1/2       That Council is of the view that the hiring or leasing of Algie Park for for-profit soccer is inconsistent with the objective of maintaining current use of the Park by organised sports at current levels of intensity.  Furthermore we believe that the potential impact on residents is such that the hiring or leasing of the ground for such purposes should not even be considered.


2/2       That Council requires the General Manger to ensure that a tender is awarded for Summer and Spring evening soccer at Centenary Park (in accordance with previous resolutions and the Centenary Park Plan of Management 2011) by February 2014.