PRESENT†††††††† Councillor Stott (Chair), Mr Reginald Holdsworth, Ms Patricia Singleton, Mrs Rosemary Musson, Mr Cliff Musson, Ms Gisele Mesnage.


††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Staff:

††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Mr Ray McMaster - Building Services Coordinator

††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Ms Anthia Hart - Acting Team Leader Community Programs





"Let us acknowledge that we are meeting on country for which the members and elders of the local Aboriginal community have been custodians for many centuries, and on which Aboriginal people have performed age old ceremonies. We acknowledge their living culture and unique role in the life of this region."






††††††††††††† MOVED & SECONDED †††††††††††† R Musson/ Singleton


††††††††††††† That apologies be accepted from Ms Iris Louden and Mr Peter Cormican (Director of Works & Infrastructure).


††††††††††††† CARRIED



††††††††††††† Standing Orders were suspended at 12.15pm.


Mr Ray McMaster reported the following to the Committee:


         that he would be attending future Access Committee meetings,

         that the Civic Centre Redevelopment Committee had requested that wheelchair lift options for the Town Hall† be referred to the Access Committee, 17 September 2013,

         that the wheelchair lift options were researched on the internet,

         that a tailor-made lift would be very expensive,

         that the portable option could be used at other events such as the Carnival of Cultures,

         that the height of the Town Hall stage limits the choice of lift,



         that the Super-Trac portable wheelchair lift is designed for stairs, and removes the focus on a person in a wheelchair,

         that the lift has an estimated 10 year life, equalling a cost of $2,500 per year,

         the manufacturer will bring out a chair to demonstrate on-site,

         the manufacturer hires to City of Sydney,

         that there may need to be modification of storage space under the stage for the lift or it could be stored in the basement,

         that there would be retractable, tiered seating installed in the Town Hall in 2014,

         that Officers are assessing all Council toilet facilities in Parks and Community areas,

         that a strategy is required to ensure that access matters are brought to the attention of the Access Committee.


Councillor Stott expressed her delight that there would be a lift to the Town Hall stage and asked that when the lift is installed, that the work is promoted in the local newspapers.† The Committee agreed that the portable Super-Trac Wheelchair Lift offered discreet use for people, and can be used at other Council events and so offers good value for the estimated cost of $22,000.


Ms Gisele Mesnage advised that visually impaired people usually resist the use of wheelchair lifts to manoeuvre stairs.† Because of this, it is essential that there are handrails.


Ms Rosemary Musson advised the Committee that the Ella Centre in Haberfield has a portable wheelchair lift.


The Committee unanimously supported the recommendation of the Redevelopment Committee to purchase a Super-Trac Portable Wheelchair Lift and would appreciate an on-site demonstration.


Councillor Stott asked that wheelchair access and change tables be considered in all future toilet facilities and suggested that the toilets could be unisex.

Ms Gisele Mesnage asked where she could get a MLAK key and was told to ask at Customer Services.† The Master Locksmiths Access Key (MLAK) enables people with disabilities to gain 24/7 access to a network of public facilities.




1.    Mr Ray McMaster to arrange with the manufacturer of the Super-Trac portable wheelchair lift for an on-site demonstration and advise Committee of date and time.


2.    Mr Ray McMaster to follow-up with Mr Peter Cormican about the Ausgrid design to put electrical boxes underground and the progress of the application to Roads & Maritime Services for funding to update the Pedestrian and Mobility Plan.† This

information to be made available at the next Committee meeting scheduled for Tuesday, 14 October, 2013.



MOVED & SECONDED††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Mesnage/Holdsworth


That Mr Ray McMaster be thanked for the information that he provided to the Committee.





Standing Orders were resumed at 12.35pm.




No disclosures were made.






MOVED & SECONDED †††††††††††† C Musson/Singleton


That the minutes of the Ashfield Access Meeting held on 27 August 2013 be confirmed subject to the following amendments:


Delete the attendance list and replace with:


Councillor Stott (Chair), Mr Reginald Holdsworth, Ms Patricia Singleton, Mrs Rosemary Musson, Mr Cliff Musson, Mr Peter Cormican (Director of Works and Infrastructure), Ms Anthia Hart (Acting Team Leader Community Programs)


In the first dot point of Mr Peter Cormicanís presentation, correct the meeting date to read:


.. 17 September ..


Under General Business, Accessible Playground, fourth line:† correct Ďwith iní to within ...


Following the next paragraph insert the wording:


Councillor Stott supported the installation of a boundary fence for the playground and a pathway useable for wheelchairs from Ormond Street to the play ground.


In the action of the Mobility Parking discussion, wording to read:


Council Officers to report increased Mobility Parking ..... delete the words Ďoptions forí



Staff Reports



TERMS OF REFERENCE - Ashfield Access Committee.

†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† AAC 6.1





1/2††† That the draft Terms of Reference be approved and presented to Council for adoption.


2/2††† That each of the Committee members be provided with a copy of Councilís Code of Conduct, Code of Meeting Practice, Committee Terms of Reference and any related Policy applicable to the operation of the Committee.




Accessible Playground fencing

Mrs Rosemary Musson commented that there is very good access to the playground and that a disability parking space near the corner of Ormond and Pembroke Streets may make it easier for visitors.† Rosemary noted that the driveway that has been installed on the Ormond Street side of the playground is now being used by vehicles to drive onto the park.


Ms Gisele Mesnage told the Committee that she had recently visited the Mittagong Park and it was an excellent example of an accessible park with paths everywhere and no fence around the playground except for a fence around the swing.


Councillor Stott advised that access points to the playground area should only be wide enough for wheelchairs and not vehicles.†


ACTION:† Defer Accessible Playground fencing discussion to next meeting.†


MOVED AND SECONDED†††††††† Musson/Singleton


That Ms Fiona Robbe, landscape architect and play space designer be invited to the Monday 14 October 2013 Access Committee meeting to discuss stage two of the accessible playground that she designed.


That local service providers, FRANs and Ella Community Centre be invited to the Monday 14 October 2013 Access Committee meeting.





Public seating in Ashfield Council area

Councillor Stott suggested that public seating be considered at all bus stops.† The route between the Ashfield Mall and Cardinal Freeman was discussed as it does not appear to have adequate public seating available.


ACTION:† Request Mr Tony Giunta, Senior Engineer Infrastructure Management Services to provide Committee with information about the allocation of additional street seating.


ACTION:† Further discussion on this matter be deferred to Monday 14 October 2013 Committee meeting.




         Councillor Stott asked about the planter boxes that were purchased from the Menís Shed and when were they going to be installed.† The planter boxes were purchased to replace those in Station Street that had deteriorated and also for the Aquatic Centre.† The watering and maintenance of the planter boxes has been an integral part of the Disability Employment Program that provides paid work opportunities for people with disabilities and/or those living in licensed boarding houses.†


ACTION: Council Officers to provide Committee with a timeframe to install and plant the planter boxes.


ACTION: Council Officers to investigate a partnership with appropriate service to deliver the street beautification component of the Disability Employment Program.


Ms Anthia Hart tabled the following information:

         Proposed bus shelter replacement program

         White Cane Day information

         NSW Smoke Alarm Subsidy Scheme

         October is Dyslexia Awareness Month









Chairperson of the meeting of Ashfield Access Committee

when the Minutes were confirmed