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Ordinary Meeting - 11 December 2012




10.18††† Pratten Park Bowling Club Irrigation. Peter Cormican - Director Works & Infrastructure. Report submitted.


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Ashfield Council Ė Report to Ordinary Meeting held on Tuesday 11 December 2012 CM10.18

Subject††††††††††††††††††††††††††† PRATTEN PARK BOWLING CLUB IRRIGATION


File Ref††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Pratten Park


Prepared by†††††††††††††††††† Peter Cormican - Director Works & Infrastructure†††††††



Reasons††††††††††††††††††††††††† As requested by Council.


Objective†††††††††††††††††††††††† To provide a further update to Council on the progress of investigations regarding extending the stormwater Harvesting system to the bowling club.




Overview of Report
Council requested a report on the viability of extending the stormwater harvesting system to the Pratten Park Bowling Club.† Investigations are proceeding.† Further investigations are required and a report will be provided to Council early in 2013.




The following interim response is provided on the viability of providing recycled water from Pratten Park oval stormwater harvesting system to the Pratten Park Bowling Club.† An interim memo dated 26th November 2012 was provided to all Councillors as follows:


Council staff met with the Secretary of The Pratten Park Bowling Club, Mr. Frank Parisi and Mr. Gordon Latham on Thursday 22 November 2012.† The Tennis Club President, Ms Lee Adolfson was also invited to this meeting by Mr. Parisi but she was not available to attend. Council was advised that the Tennis Club does not favour an alternative connection from the Tennis Clubís system to water the Bowling Club greens in the short term.


The on-site discussion focused on the request for a direct connection from the oval system as proposed by Mr Latham. The Bowling Club was again advised that a direct connection would not be able to operate effectively unless it is also connected to the Councilís irrigation management control system.† It was made clear that surplus water would only be made available to the Bowling Club when a sufficient quantity is available in Councilís system to meet the current demand for oval.† In summer peak periods the water demand for the oval is much greater (approximately double) than the quantity of water that can be harvested to the underground storage tanks.† Therefore there will be periods where a very low level of water is stored in the tanks.† Current water demand requirements are therefore supplemented during periods of rainfall.† Consequently, in consideration of this supply issue, the system which has now been implemented by the Tennis Club also includes additional above ground storage tanks within the Tennis Club site, so that water transferred during low watering demand periods is stored and available to the club to use independently as and when it is needed.



Councillors should note this subject matter has been discussed at length with the Bowling Club for some time (since February 2010) and has been responded to through the Pratten Park Advisory Committee.† Copies of the previous responses and reports to this matter can be supplied on request.†


This matter has been discussed at the Pratten Park Advisory Committee held 6 December 2012.† The Tennis Club President confirmed that the tennis club system was not available for a short term water supply to the bowling club.† The committee was advised that Council officers had met with an irrigation contractor on 6th December 2012 to discuss a quotation provided to the bowling club. Council staff noted the quotation provided for a pipe supply that would need to be manually controlled to supply water.† However, it did not provide a suitable control mechanism to manage the water resources.† The contractor advised that he could review these concerns and would come back to the bowling club with an alternative proposal which addressed this issue.† Council is awaiting this further information.† Furthermore the bowling club have been requested to provide water demand requirements which will assist in our investigation.


It is planned to report to Council early in 2013, subject to receipt of the requisite information and consequent budget and water management implications for both Council and the Pratten Park Bowling Club.†


Financial Implications



Other Staff Comments



Public Consultation

This matter has been discussed at the Pratten Park Advisory Committee held 6 December 2012.



In order to effectively provide details in regard to the viability of water reticulation at Pratten Park for the Bowling Club further investigations are necessary and will be reported on in early 2013.




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Peter Cormican

Director Works & Infrastructure