17 October 2012









Dear Councillor/Sir/Madam


You are invited to attend an ABORIGINAL CONSULTATIVE COMMITTEE of Ashfield Council, to be held on Level 6, Civic Centre, 260 Liverpool Road, Ashfield on THURSDAY  25 OCTOBER 2012 at 4:30 PM.














Aboriginal Consultative Committee - 25 October 2012




1.               Opening


2.               Acknowledgement of Local Aboriginal Community


3.               Apologies/Request for Leave of Absence


4.               Disclosures Of Interest


Disclosures to be made by any Councillors who have a pecuniary / non-pecuniary interest in respect of matters that are before the Committee at this meeting.



5.               Confirmation of Minutes of Committees


Aboriginal Consultative Committee - 16/08/2012


6.               Staff Reports







7.               Feedback from Sub-Committee Members on:

·      Draft Recognition of Aboriginal Community Policy

·      Draft Aboriginal Cultural Awareness Booklet

·      Draft Wording for Plaque


8.               Flagpoles in Ashfield Park – verbal update

9.               Close




Ashfield Council – Report to Aboriginal Consultative Committee held on Thursday 25 October 2012                                                                                                                                                  ACC6.1

Subject                            PROPOSED PUBLIC ART WITH ABORIGINAL THEMES


File Ref                            Community Programs & Services


Prepared by                   Anthia Hart - Community Development Worker - Arts, Culture & Recreation       



Reasons                          To provide the Committee with information



Objective                         To obtain feedback from the Committee



Overview of Report
The purpose of this report is to provide the Aboriginal Consultative Committee with information regarding proposed public art projects that will depict Aboriginal themes.





Public art projects are well known to provide attachment and design in one’s community, they emphasis more creative interfaces between art and our environment and  extend the conception of ‘place’ to include aesthetics of green spaces , animating our public spaces, the natural environment and linkages to history and culture.


“By taking artworks out of the gallery and placing them in our built environment, public art gives us all the chance to engage in conversation about civic culture, sense of place, our identity, our heritage and our cultural expression’. (art +place evaluation 2009-2010, Queensland Arts 2010)


This report proposes an investment in contemporary public art projects that include Aboriginal artists and their ‘art + place’ themes. We recognize that community benefits include, creating local Aboriginal landmarks in and around Ashfield; developing cultural richness in a local community; providing increased public exposure to and understanding of Aboriginal art; and contributing to the ‘visitor experience’.


Three Aboriginal Public art proposals under consideration are : 


1.      The second ‘gateway’ site at the intersection of Liverpool Road with Frederick Street and Milton Street,


2.      Bollards in Pratten Park


3.      Tree trunk in Ashfield Park  



1.         2ND GATEWAY SITE


The Ashfield Council Reconciliation Plan, 2010 – 2012 recommends that

‘.... gateway locations to the Municipality depict Aboriginal symbolism.’ The first of these has been developed in Brown Street with the installation of a mural on the facade of the Brown Street car park. 


The intersection of Liverpool Road and Frederick Street and Milton Street has been identified as a suitable second ‘gateway’ site.  In September, Council Officers met on site with Mr John Hudson, Property Manager (Land and Development) of the Roads and Maritime Services (R&MS) to discuss the feasibility of the installation of a public art work at this intersection.  The broad concept is to install a timber sign post with pointers to significant Aboriginal landmarks.


The signage will be written in the language that Aboriginal people use to identify these places. Mr John Hudson suggested that the use of R&MS property for the purpose of public art and landscaping is acceptable.  




model sign post    west to east liver rd

                        Model of sign post                    Looking West to East along Liverpool Road with potential site on right



As you can see in the above photograph on the right, the Liverpool Road and Milton Street corner offers high visibility with minimal obstruction from existing signs or trees and will require minimal preparatory work to install the signpost. 




cnr to cnr

The corner of Liverpool Road and Frederick Street


The opposite corner of Liverpool Road and Frederick Street would require extensive lopping of at least one of the mature trees or else the signpost could be ‘lost’ on this site. 


A full proposal will be forwarded to the authority when dimensions and full costing has been determined and roles of Council and Roads and Maritime Services established.  Council Officer Peter Cross, Assistant Works Supervisor will provide costing information at the ACC meeting.


2.         BOLLARDS


Running alongside the perimeter of the Sculpture Garden in Pratten Park there are 18 timber bollards.  The proposal is to have designs that depict local Aboriginal animals, plants and totems painted and/or carved on selected bollards.


Local artist Deborah Lennis was invited to submit some ideas for the project and has suggested that select bollards be embellished with light carving and paint work.  This project will be developed by Council as a community arts project to engage community members and could be suitable to target young people. 


Sculpture Garden at Pratten Park

Bollards are at the edge of the garden and driveway


3.         TREE TRUNK


In 2011, the bulk of a Nichollii Gum was removed from Ashfield Park leaving behind approximately 2.2 metres of the trunk of the tree in the ground.  For some time Council Officers have considered the use of tree trunks in Council Parks as opportunities to install public art. 


Below are examples of what could be done with this tree trunk to bring into the public domain, stories and relationships that Aboriginal people have with this area.


1     2 http://www.janesoceania.com/australia_aboriginal_art_culture_landscape/aboriginal_art3.jpg    3 http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2033/1540098165_1417c978ac.jpg    4https://encrypted-tbn3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQT5ZNAI2AxtA8fGRbAlssTx1ubbEw3T5McQ-iIzCDlZS4Zq6vQEg


Image 1:  Tree trunk in Ashfield Park      Images 2-4:   Examples of tree trunk and/or totem pole artwork


Financial Implications

There are no financial implications beyond existing funding allocations. 


Other Staff Comments

Acting Council Trees Overseer has stated that:


‘The original site (of the tree trunk in Ashfield Park) ..... is not suitable due to the strong European heritage and landscape values present at this location....... The logical location for such public art statement would be at the south eastern corner of Ashfield Park under the Fig and Turpentine trees.’


Public Consultation

Consultation with the Aboriginal Consultative Committee



The site-specific artworks will contribute to the experience that locals and visitors will have when visiting the community places. The process of creating the works will explore and express the cultural heritage and identity of the Cadigal Wangal people.



There are no supporting documents for this report.




1/2    That the Committee note the information contained in this report.


2/2    That the Committee endorse the application of artwork on the tree trunk in Ashfield Park ‘in situ’.







Nellette Kettle

Director Corporate & Community Services


Ashfield Council – Report to Aboriginal Consultative Committee held on Thursday 25 October 2012                                                                                                                                                  ACC6.2



File Ref                            ACC


Prepared by                   Nellette Kettle - Director Corporate & Community Services       



Reasons                          To meet governance requirements.


Objective                         To seek input and feedback from the ACC on the draft Terms of Reference for the Committee.




Overview of Report
The draft Terms of Reference for the Aboriginal Consultative Committee are presented to the Committee for feedback and input.





As a key governance requirement all committees require a Terms of Reference.  Terms of Reference are designed to clarify the purpose, delegation, membership and operational requirements for a Committee.


At its meeting on 14 August 2012, Council resolved:


“That new terms of reference be developed for each of the Advisory Committees within 3 months.”


The Aboriginal Consultative Committee is one such advisory committee.


Financial Implications



Other Staff Comments

The draft Terms of Reference have been developed by Council’s Community Programs and Services staff and have the approval of Executive Management.


Public Consultation

The Terms of Reference will be available on Council’s website once adopted.



The draft Terms of Reference have been developed in response to Council’s recent resolution requesting that new Terms of Reference be prepared for all advisory committees.  Following feedback from the ACC, they will be presented to Council for adoption.





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Ashfield Aboriginal Consultative Committee Terms of Reference

9 Pages






That the Committee provide any feedback on the draft Terms of Reference.










Nellette Kettle

Director Corporate & Community Services





Attachment 1


Ashfield Aboriginal Consultative Committee Terms of Reference