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Civic Centre Redevelopment Steering Committee - 29 March 2011





8†††††††† Summary of† Staff Reports


8.6†††††††† Ashfield Civic Centre Redevelopment - Update on Staff Relocation, office closing and opening dates. Tony Giunta - Senior Engineer - Infrastructure Management. Report submitted.

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1/2†††††††† That the information in this report be noted.


2/2†††††††† That the business and library closing dates noted in this report be ††††††† †††† approved to facilitate the relocation process.




Ashfield Council Ė Report to Civic Centre Redevelopment Steering Committee held on Tuesday 29 March 2011




File Ref††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Properties and Buildings>ACCRD>Staff Relocation


Prepared by†††††††††††††††††† Tony Giunta - Senior Engineer - Infrastructure Management†††††††



Reasons††††††††††††††††††††††††† To provide the Committee with an update in regard to the staff relocation to the new wing of the Civic Centre Redevelopment and proposed closing and opening dates for the offices and library.



Overview of Report

relocation process will be a demanding period for all staff, and it will result is some disruption to services during the proposed one day closure of the offices and the closing of the Library for a week.† Council has tried to keep these closures to a minimum. The communication strategy will assist greatly in minimising any possible disruption of services.





The building works for the new wing of the Civic Centre Redevelopment is nearing completion and is due for Practical Completion on 14th April 2011.† In preparation for the handover and occupancy, planning of the staff relocation and library relocation has been progressing. Once occupancy (issue of interim occupancy certificate) is provided, the staff in the administration building will be relocated to the new building in order to vacate the administration building so that the builder (Denham Constructions) can take over and commence Phase 1 SP2 works. The relocation will be undertaken by Atlantis, a business relocation provider.


The relocation of staff comprises of some permanent and temporary moves. The majority of staff will be relocated to their final locations, but there will be some that will be relocated to temporary locations. These include;

∑†† Governance to the Town Hall (including the corporate print facilities)

∑†† Finance to the Town Hall

∑†† General Manager, Director Corporate and Community Services and Executive Assistant to New Building

∑†† Human Resources to New Building


Also the Library staff in the Town Hall and the Temporary Basement Library will be relocated to the New Library.


In order to facilitate a smooth transition, the following plan has been prepared with the key points of this plan being:


∑†† From Friday morning on 29th May 2011 computer and phones will be shut down until Sunday 1st May 2011

∑†† On Friday 29th April 2011 it is proposed that Council offices will be closed for business while staff relocate to the new building.

∑†† On Monday 2nd May 2011 the new building will be open for business. Also it is proposed that the temporary Library will close and that there will be no library services at Ashfield Library until the New Library opens on Monday 9th May 2011.

∑†† That the official opening of the new building (Phase 1), including the Library will take place during mid May 2011.




Relocation Activity



∑†† Denham achieve practical Completion








With Denhamís approval

∑†† Atlantis commence moving packed boxes to new building

∑†† Shelving for Library delivered and commence set up








∑†† Easter Holidays



∑†† Council receives Interim Occupancy Certificate from Private certifier, and hand over of building is executed

∑†† Atlantis move computers, printers and other remaining equipment




∑†† Computer and phones will be shut down until Sunday 1st May 2011 while the services are re-established in the new building

∑†† Council closed for business

∑†† Staff relocate to new building and unpack boxes and establish themselves in new location

∑†† Staff induction carried out




∑†† New building open for business

∑†† Temporary Basement Library closed to Sunday 8th May 2011

∑†† Atlantis move Library books and equipment to New Library

∑†† Commence removal of loose furniture in administration





Council to handover Administration building to builder



Opening of New Library



Council meetings return to L3 Civic Centre

Mid May


Official opening of building (Phase 1), including New Library


One important component of the relocation is the sustainable disposal of the loose furniture and equipment that will remain in the administration building. Suitable options will be explored, considered and evaluated, in order to achieve the best possible outcome both in regard to cost and sustainability.

Financial Implications


Council has already approved the budget for the relocation of staff, which includes the relocation noted in this report and the necessary relocation that will be required after SP 2 works are complete. Every effort will be made to work within this approved budget.


Other Staff Comments

Mary Haroulis, Manager Information Technology

A critical component of the relocation process is the re-establishment of Councilís Data and Communication Services.† These are currently housed in the Administration Building and the process of relocating these services to the new building can only be affected with a shutdown of these services.


Also, as part of the relocation of these services there is an extensive configuration and testing phase required to ensure connectivity of all systems.† In order to perform these tasks, it is necessary to have continuous and uninterrupted access to the servers and communication systems.† The technicians who will be undertaking these works have indicated that 3 days are required to commission the full extent of these woks. It is proposed that works commence on a Friday morning so that they can be completed by Sunday evening which will result in minimal disruption to Councilís operations.


Some of the main tasks that need to be carried out include:


∑†† Complete backup of all systems performed on Thursday evening prior to shutdown.

∑†† Disconnect, re-route and reinstall Dark Fibre Optic Cable (communication link to Depot).

∑†† Relocation of Servers from existing Computer Room to new Computer Room.

∑†† Relocation of Routers and Firewall.

∑†† Relocation of PABX (Phone System)

∑†† Relocation of Internet Services

∑†† Patching and testing individual PCís and Phones and peripherals

∑†† Re-establish printing services in all areas

∑†† Re-establish scanning, printing, faxing in all areas


With this proposed schedule, it is envisaged that all data, phones and communication systems will be up and running by the Monday morning.† All technical support staff will be available on site during the going LIVE phase.


Public Consultation


The communication of the closure periods for both the offices and Library will be carried out through local press advertisements, public notices displayed at key locations, on Councilís web site and on Councils phone answering/information recording.




The relocation process will be a demanding period for all staff. Although there will be some disruption to services to the community during this period Council has tried to keep these to a minimum. Also the communication strategy will assist greatly in minimising any possible disruption of services.




There are no supporting documents for this report.




1/2††† That the information in this report be noted.


2/2††† That the business and library closing dates noted in this report be ††††††††† approved to facilitate the relocation process.









Stephen Joannidis

Director Works and Infrastructure