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Dear Councillor/Sir/Madam


You are invited to attend an ABORIGINAL CONSULTATIVE COMMITTEE of Ashfield Council, to be held at the Town Hall Foyer, 260 Liverpool Road, Ashfield on WEDNESDAY  16 MARCH 2011 at 5PM.


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General Manager










Aboriginal Consultative Committee - 16 March 2011




1.                      Opening


2.                      Acknowledgement of Local Indigenous Community


3.                      Apologies/Request for Leave of Absence


4.                      Disclosures Of Interest


Disclosures to be made by any Councillors who have a pecuniary / non-pecuniary interest in respect of matters that are before Council at this meeting.



5.                      Confirmation of Minutes of Council/Committees


Aboriginal Consultative Committee - 02/02/2011


6.                      Staff Reports


8.1        General Update on issues relating to Aboriginal Reconciliation in Ashfield



7.                      General Business




8.                      Close





Ashfield Council


Aboriginal Consultative Committee - 16 March 2011



8         Summary of  Staff Reports


8.1         General Update on issues relating to Aboriginal Reconciliation in Ashfield. Gerard Howard - Manager Community Services. Report submitted with attachment 1.

(01/03/11)                                                                          Community - Aboriginal Issues


                                                                                                               ACC 8.1 Attached




1/5         That the information in the report be noted.


2/5         That Meaghan Devane be thanked for information provided to the               Committee.


3/5         That Mr Jason Wing be thanked for his presentation to the Committee.


4/5         That the Committee determine if an exhibition of work from the NAIDOC Week Schools initiative should be held within the new Civic Centre later this year.


5/5         That the Committee determine any Motions for Council consideration in relation to the National General Assembly of Local Government.






Ashfield Council – Report to Aboriginal Consultative Committee held on Wednesday 16 March 2011




File Ref                            Community - Aboriginal Issues


Prepared by                   Gerard Howard - Manager Community Services       



Reasons                          To keep the Consultative Committee informed on local Reconciliation and cultural awareness raising initiatives.


Objective                         To obtain feedback and direction from the Consultative Committee.



Overview of Report

The purpose of this report is to update the Committee on matters relating to the Reconciliation Action Plan & other related initiatives.





Council email acknowledgement


Item 17 of Council’s Reconciliation Action Plan states “Incorporate an Acknowledgement statement at the base of all email correspondence from Council.” As a result, the following email acknowledgement is soon to be placed at the bottom of all email correspondence from Council:


“Ashfield Council acknowledges the traditional Aboriginal owners of the land, the Cadigal and Wangal people.  We acknowledge their living culture and unique role in the life of this region”.


International Women’s Day 2011


International Women’s Day celebrates the economic, political & social achievements of women.

At Council’s International Women’s Day breakfast on 8th March, Ms Jasmin Herro will be the guest speaker. Ms Herro spoke to the Aboriginal Consultative Committee at its February meeting. Also, Ms Patricia Blackman will give the official ‘Welcome to Country’ at the event which starts at 8.30am at the Haberfield Centre.


Mental Health Respite Program.


The target group for this project is Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander(ATSI) Mental Health Carers from Inner West Sydney. Information and consultation sessions will be organised to promote Respite services. The Commonwealth Carelink service and other Inner West Mental Health services are to engage the ATSI community and create a dialogue around appropriate service delivery for ATSI Carers and those for whom they care. Meaghan Devane from Commonwealth Respite and Carelink Centre will attend the Consultative Committee meeting to discuss this project.


Names for Civic Centre Community Rooms.


At the February meeting of the Consultative Committee the following recommendation was adopted:


“That suggestions in the report for Community Rooms be noted but that further suggestions be brought back to the Committee with a preference for names of significant Aboriginal people.”


Val Attenbrow from the Australian Museum has been contacted in the process of researching this issue & has been helpful in suggesting sources for further research. A review of literature to date suggest that the following people figured in various ways in the history of the Eora nation: Bennelong, Barangaroo, Dilboong, Pemulwuy, Colbee, Daringa, Nanbarry, Caruey, Arabanoo, Yemmerrawanie, Narabee, Abaroo.


The Consultative Committee may wish to put forward an opinion as to the suitability or otherwise of any of these names. Additional context as to how the people listed above feature in the history of the Eora nation can be tabled at the Committee meeting. Further research will continue & information provided to the Committee.


Carnival of Cultures


The Carnival on Sunday March 20th will feature an official ‘Welcome to Country’. Koomurri didgeridoo and drummer will perform on the main stage of the Carnival at 10am. Australians for Native Title and Reconciliation (ANTAR) are to hold a stall & members of the Aboriginal Consultative Committee will also attend the stall, amongst other things to make available copies of Council’s Reconciliation Action Plan.


Dreamtime Storytime


It is anticipated that the new Ashfield Library will begin to conduct Dreamtime Story-time in June of this year, very soon after opening of the new library facility.


NAIDOC Week School Initiative


The NAIDOC Week School Initiative is co-ordinated with support of various Government and Non-Government agencies including the Department of Prime Minister & Cabinet. The initiative takes the form of a competition aimed at children at various stages of their school life. Different categories apply such as Colouring-In, Writing, Creative Writing and Essay Writing. In regards to the initiative the Prime Minister has said “I am delighted that every school student in Australia has the opportunity to use their creative skills to prepare an entry for the competition.”


In 2010 eight primary schools from the Ashfield LGA participated in the initiative, as did one local secondary school. The eight primary schools submitted a total of 497 entries to the competition and the secondary school submitted 62 entries.


Support from a local Council is used towards the design, printing and distribution of material relating to the initiative to schools across the LGA. Council has made a contribution to the 2011 program, within existing budget allocations. Contact can be made with local schools with a view to having a selection of the results displayed in the new Ashfield Civic Centre.


'Gateway' Sites in the Municipality


Action fifteen(15) of Council's Reconciliation Action Plan(RAP) states:

"Strive to have 'gateway' locations to the Municipality depict Aboriginal symbolism."


Jason Wing is a Sydney based artist & art therapist. He has both Chinese and Aboriginal cultural heritage. Jason is one of two artists preparing concept designs for two gateway sites in the Municipality. These sites are the timber frontage to the Brown Street carpark and the open space located at the corner of Frederick Street and Liverpool Road. Jason will attend & present information at the March 2011 meeting of Council's Aboriginal Consultative Committee.


National General Assembly of Local Government.


The National General Assembly of Local Government is to be held between 19th and 22nd June, 2001, in Canberra. The theme for the Assembly is Growing with our Community – Partnership, Place and Position.


The Australian Local Government Association (ALGA) is calling for motions under the three major themes:

·    Partnership

·    Place

·    Position


To be eligible for inclusion in the National General Assembly business papers, motions must:

·    Fall under one of the themes

·    Be relevant to the work of local government nationally; and

·    Complement or build on the policy objectives of state or territory associations.


The Committee may wish to consider any relevant motions concerning Aboriginal issues and Reconciliation which could be put to the Assembly. Are there partnerships between the Commonwealth Government and Ashfield Council that can be considered eg Australia Council funding for significant public sculptures depicting Aboriginal culture? Does living in the Inner West have particular issues regarding Place, for example, provision of affordable housing for all, including people of Aboriginal heritage? Can Ashfield Council position itself with other Inner West Councils to assert greater influence on the Commonwealth Government? What key issue might be relevant in this regard eg additional employment & training opportunities funded by the Commonwealth?


The ALGA website – – has a link to the discussion paper on this matter “Growing with our Community – Place, Position & Partnership.”


NSW Aboriginal Lands Council and the Shires Association of NSW.


The Shires Association of NSW is currently considering options regarding Aboriginal Land Council(ALC)  membership. These options include to:


·    Treat each Regional Aboriginal Land Council in the same way as individual council’s are treated, and provide them equivalent voting rights, and charge equivalent subscriptions.

·    Treat the NSW Aboriginal Land Council(ALC) as a single Council.

·    Provide the NSW ALC with a permanent Board Seat on the Shires Association

·    Allow the NSW ALC to become Associate members of the Shires Association

·    Disallow separate ALC Membership in any form


The Aboriginal Consultative Committee may wish to put forward an opinion/recommendation on this matter to the Shires Association of NSW.


Sister Community


Discussions on a Sister Community Relationship will be reported on verbally at the Consultative Committee meeting. The librarian from Parkes Shire has provided detailed information and references regarding the Wiradjuri people of the Parkes district. This will be invaluable should any formal arrangements eventuate regarding the Peak Hill Aboriginal community.


National information for the Committee


Attached to this report for the information of Consultative Committee members are two media releases from Reconciliation Australia relating to the Race Relations Barometer and National Reconciliation Week.


Also attached is a copy of the official NAIDOC Week Logo. NAIDOC is a celebration of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and an opportunity to recognise the contributions of Indigenous Australians in various fields. The Committee may wish to discuss a suitable local activity to be held during NAIDOC Week.



Financial Implications


No financial implications beyond existing budget allocations.


Other Staff Comments





Public Consultation







Implementation of the Reconciliation Action Plan is gradually taking place, as is evidenced in various initiatives listed above.





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Further Information

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1/5    That the information in the report be noted.


2/5    That Meaghan Devane be thanked for information provided to the           Committee.


3/5    That Mr Jason Wing be thanked for his presentation to the Committee.


4/5    That the Committee determine if an exhibition of work from the NAIDOC Week Schools initiative should be held within the new Civic Centre later this year.


5/5    That the Committee determine any Motions for Council consideration in

          relation to the National General Assembly of Local Government.









Nellette Kettle

Director Corporate & Community Services





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