PRESENT          Councillor Patrick Kelso (Chair), Liliana Tai, Gauri Nadkarni, Mary Britton, Victor Dao, Camille Cavill.


APOLOGIES      Dennis Laris, Therese Scott, Sophie Hawkshaw.





"Let us acknowledge that we are meeting on country for which the members and elders of the local Indigenous community have been custodians for many centuries, and on which Aboriginal people have performed age old ceremonies. We acknowledge their living culture and unique role in the life of this region."




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That the minutes of the Ashfield Youth Committee Meeting held on Monday 11 October 2010 be accepted.


Report on the previous actions:





1.       Feedback on YAPAs Shift This 2010 Conference

Victor, Gauri and Joshua attended the conference and thoroughly enjoyed the event. There were three days of workshops: including organising your own band night, Aboriginal rights, Youth Councils – are they successful. At the end of the conference youth participants handed Peter Primrose, NSW Minster for Youth, a two-page report on identified youth issues.


Victor and Gauri came away with some useful information:

·         YAPA runs a grant program. You can submit an application for money to run a local youth event. The grant is ongoing so there is no closing date. YAPA recommend you to be bold and creative when applying for a grant. (Think zombie parade down Liverpool Road, leading to a horror movie screening).

·         Sponsorship: When you partner with a sponsor to put on an event, make sure that you identify a very clear benefit for them. Include their logo on all promotional material. Make sure you display your event poster – including Sponsor’s logo at the event. This is good exposure and marketing for the Sponsor.

·         Gauri suggested some potential ideas for the Ashfield Youth Committee to do:

o        Run a band night (Refer to Burwood’s Noisy by Choice and Leichhardt’s Something Really Epic. Both of these events are run by local youth councils)

o        Run a Design your Own T-shirt competition (See Grafiks)

·         (It should be the philosophy of the) Youth Council to focus on issues rather than events.

·         All YAPA participants received a useful hand out DIY Reality.

·         All of Council’s Committees should have a Youth Advisory Representative.

·         Hurstville Council’s Youth Committee has a really attractive flyer for their Youth Committee.

·         Request that there be young people performing at the Carnival of Cultures. Also that a professional performer, that would appeal to a youth audience, be invited to perform at the Carnival. The local high school talent quests would be a good place to recruit performers.

·         Ashfield Youth Committee should hold a stall at Carnival of Cultures. We could hand out local youth services flyers, collect names for an email list and tell people about the Youth Committee.


ACTION: Youth Committee to consider at the next meeting what to apply for a YAPA grant for.

ACTION: Camille to ask YAPA for more copies of DIY Reality for Youth Committee Members


ACTION: Patrick to introduce a Notice of Motion to Council that a youth representative position be made available on all Council Committees.


ACTION: Camille to request that two youth performances be scheduled for the Carnival of Cultures Main Stage.


ACTION: Camille to arrange for the Youth Committee to hold a stall at the Ashfield Carnival of Cultures.


2.       Q&A Forum at NSW Parliament (See attachment)

Two members from Ashfield Youth Committee have been invited by Leader of the Opposition, Barry O’Farrell to attend the Q & A Forum at NSW Parliament House.

ACTION: If you are interested in participating in the Q&A Forum at NSW Parliament please email Camille before Friday 22 October 2010.




3.       NSW Youth Parliament (See attachment)

YMCA will be running Youth Parliament starting in January 2011. This is a program that runs over several months and is for anyone in high school aged between 15-18 years old. Participants will be split into ten portfolio-based Committees and are required to write a bill on an issue they are passionate about. Over the months the Bill will be work-shopped and developed. Finally you will present the Bill in NSW Parliament House where it will be debated and voted upon. Most meetings happen online but there is a Training Camp to attend. There are fees associated with this program. Ashfield Council could assist with these costs, offering up to $500 per person, for two youth committee members. Also, Patrick is able to offer a reference for anyone interested in participating. For more information visit: http://www.ymcasydney.org/activity/youth-parliament

ACTION: If you are interested in participating in the NSW Youth Parliament you must contact your local MP before 29 October 2010.


8.       NSW Youth Advisory Committee – Nominations Now Open (See attachment)

Applications are now open for the 2011 NSW Youth Advisory Committee. Applications are open to anyone aged between 12-24 years old with experience and a keen interest in youth affairs. This Committee offers a direct line of communication between young people in NSW and NSW Government. Applications are due 5pm, Monday 8 November 2010. For more information visit http://www.youth.nsw.gov.au/yac.


ACTION: If you are interested in participating in the NSW Youth Parliament you should apply online here www.youth.nsw.gov.au/yac.



9.       Japanese Delegation to visit Ashfield Council

A delegation of Japanese Local Government Workers will be visiting Ashfield Council on 17 November 2010. They are visiting Ashfield to learn how Ashfield Council deals with racism in the local area. Racism is a big issue in Japan. Council is looking for one or two youth committee member to give a speech to the delegation about what it is like being a teenager from a mixed cultural background.

ACTION: If you interested in speaking to the Japanese Delegation email camillec@ashfield.nsw.gov.au


Next Meeting:

Monday 1 November 2010.

5.30pm-6.30pm @ Foyer Ashfield Town Hall






Chairperson of the meeting of Ashfield Youth Committee

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